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R-15 EcoTouch PINK Ceiling Kraft Faced Fiberglass Insulation Batt 15 in. x 105 in.

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Owens Corning R15 15 x 105 Faced Fiberglass Insulation Batt

  • Easy to install: Precut batts friction fit in common spaces
  • Excellent thermal control
  • Soundproof: Effective acoustical control
  • Fiberglass Insulation Batt: 15 in. x 105 in.x 3.5 in. thick
  • Long Term Performance: will not settle nor slump 
  • Bags per Master Pack: 5
  • Pieces per Bag : 7
  • Square feet per Bag: 76.58
  • Best For: 2×4 Interior walls, 2×4 Exterior Walls, Floors, Sheds

Conserve electricity, conserve money, save the earth. Pink fiberglass insulation boosts thermal efficiency, cutting heating & cooling expenses throughout the life of the structure. Pink fiberglass has actually been checked and also accredited for much better interior air quality by the GREENGUARD ecological institute. Minimize power usage and also enhance thermal performance and also warmth with pink insulation.

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Owens Corning R15 Insulation 15 x 105 Faced Fiberglass Batt

OC Faced Formaldehyde-free ™ fiberglass insulation is ideal for efficient thermal as well as noise control. Owens Corning Faced insulation is easily offered in pre-cut batts to fit common wall and also ceiling locations. Increase the total performance of your house with fiberglass wall surface bay insulation. It's thermal effectiveness helps to keep temperature level levels lower, lessening power loss and also power expenses while additionally decreasing space to space sound transmission.

  • Easy to install: Precut batts friction fit in common spaces
  • Excellent thermal control
  • Soundproof: Effective acoustical control
  • Fiberglass Insulation Batt: 15 in. x 105 in.x 3.5 in. thick
  • Long Term Performance: will not settle nor slump 
  • Bags per Master Pack: 5
  • Pieces per Bag : 7
  • Square feet per Bag: 76.58
  • Best For: 2x4 Interior walls, 2x4 Exterior Walls, Floors, Sheds
  • Certified GREENGUARD GOLD CertifiedSM and validated to be formaldehyde free2, to contain at least 55% recycled content, and Contributes to LEED® project certification
  • Product Data Sheet -Click here

Insulating Outside Walls with R 15 EcoTouch Pink Fiberglass

Insulate outside 2x4 wall surface cavities with a minimum of R-15 fiberglass insulation

Minimize Noise Control by Insulating Interior Walls

Sound control is an additional element of your residences comfort. Owens Corning offers numerous choices for thermal as well as sound insulation in indoor walls. EcoTouch Fiberglass ™ Insulation, needing no special equipment or training, offers exceptional air-infiltration control and also thermal security. For added audio defense. Their fiberglass batts and Thermfiber mineral wool Batts absorb audio resonances within the wall surface bays and are as very easy to install as standard insulation.

Help Maintain Residences Silent With R 15 Insulation for subfloors and Walls

If your home has a vented crawlspace with insulated air ducts and also no pipes, you likely have felt their chilly as well as noisy floors. The very best remedy for both the thermal and also acoustical issues is to insulate the flooring above the crawlspace.

The Owens Corning R15 Fiberglass or Thermafiber mineral wool decreases the degree of unwanted sound transmitted in the house while preserving the desired level of comfort. Our QuietZone ® Acoustic Floor covering is acoustically crafted to isolate audio. Placed between the subfloor and also a plywood or plaster concrete overlayment, it develops a seclusion layer for sound resonances as well as effect noises such as foot web traffic.

For total acoustic performance, use with Owens Corning R15 fiberglass or Thermfiber Mineral wool acoustic batts, which take in audio vibrations within the wall surface bay. They supply superb in-place acoustical efficiency, and also are as very easy to put in as thermal insulation.

About Owens Corning Insulation

Owens Corning ® EcoTouch ® PINK ® Fiberglas ™ Insulation with PureFiber ® Modern technology is a preformed, versatile blanket insulation. It is created in R-values from 11 to 49, with densities ranging from 31/2 inches to 14 inches. It is offered unfaced, or Paper-faced with either a kraft or foil vapor retarder.

Owens Corning is produced with much less dust than various other fiberglass products, EcoTouch ® PINK ® Fiberglas ™ insulation has excellent rigidity and recovery attributes. They make use of compression product packaging which speeds project site handling and also installment.

R15 Applications

- Wood-framed wall surface, floor and roof/ceiling cavity wall surface installations
- Metal-framed wall as well as sub-floor cavity installments
- Furring strips mounted on the interior surface of basement wall surfaces
- Interior areas of basement and unvented crawl space foundation wall surfaces

R15 Installment

See Owens Corning publication "Installation Guide for Light Thickness
Insulation" (Bar. No. 10017858) to find out more.

R 15 Insulation

Environmental and also Sustainability

Owens Corning is a globally leader in structure material
systems, insulation and also composite remedies, supplying a broad series of high-grade services and products. Owens Corning is committed to driving sustainability by supplying remedies,
changing markets and also improving lives. Even more info can be found over at

Owens Corning is an international corporation that establishes as well as makes insulation, roofing, and fiberglass compounds. It was created in 1935 as a partnership in between two major American glassworks, Corning Glass Works and also Owens-Illinois. The business employs approximately 19,000 individuals worldwide.

Why Ceiling Insulation is Helping Keep you Cool

A considerable bit of heat is lost via the ceiling, that makes the attic a vital location to insulate. Based on the United States Department of Energy advised R value you must insulation your ceiling with R 30 or R38.

Insulating Walls with R15  Fiberglass

If you are insulating (2x4 and also 2x6 mounted exterior wall cavities and also intend to utilize fiberglass insulation, what density is ideal? The inquiry ends up being all much more critical because of the irreversible nature of wall cavity assembly as well as wall cavity insulation: Once the insulation is installed the wall as well as sealed up with drywall, it is hard to swap out.

When you add too little insulation, you will certainly have a colder house. Yet adding way too much insulation-- packing in greater than is required-- can also cause a colder home than is required. Tiny air pockets produced within the insulation are what help maintain a house warm and cozy, not the actual strands of fiberglass or paper facing. Striking an ideal equilibrium in between inadequate insulation and too much insulation will keep you and also your family members cozy throughout the winter season.

Basics of Faced and Unfaced Fiberglass Insulation, From R-13 to R-19

R-value is a typical device of measurement for figuring out, amongst several things, how efficient your insulation will be. The R refers to absolute thermal resistance. Greater R-value numbers mean that the insulating material stands up to the chill or warmth from the outside better. Density, width, and also manufacturer of products are some elements that contribute to R-value.

R15 Insulation for 2 by 4 Walls

Most wall cavity installations, particularly those in older homes, are developed with two-by-four (2x4) studs. Because contemporary two-by-fours are not 4 inches, the true deepness of the wall stud is 3 1/2 inches.

In many wall cavity applications, you will make use of R-13 or R-15 kraft-faced fiberglass precut batts for these 2x4 stud wall cavities. While ranked in a different way, these two kinds of insulation are close enough in density that they can both suit contemporary two-by-four wall cavity systems. With R15 being a high density product, it is far superior for areas that require less sound. However will cost you about 70% more than R-13.

Older homes, particularly those pre-dating the 1950s, might use two-by-fours that truly are 2 inches by 4 inches. In this case, you can still use R-13 or R-15 fiberglass insulation. There is no 4-inch thick unfaced fiberglass insulation in batts or rolls on the common market.

Owens Corning insulation is sold in large box stores and also can be purchased via representatives like Pacific Insulation. Pacific Insulation gives an unique opportunity to purchase the same products at retails stores at wholesale rates. House owner and contractors have the chance to acquire tiny or big quantities straight from the wholesaler. By buying straight from the distributor we are able to use reduced prices. Purchasers can pick up from among our 70 warehouses or we can offer delivery direct to your project.

Rates can vary by area in the United States. Call Us Now (424)343-6530 or Message Us Now for bulk pricing. for the total quantity of fiberglass insulation that you require.

U.S. Department of Energy Recommended Total R-Values

The following 2008 Department of Energy zone recommendations are based on comparing estimated future energy savings to the current cost of installing insulation. The DOE gives a range for many locations for the following reasons:

  • Energy costs vary greatly over each zone
  • Installed insulation costs vary greatly over each zone
  • Heating and cooling equipment efficiency varies from house to house
  • Best estimate of future energy costs may not be exact. 1

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Wholesale insulation

Wholesale insulation Delivered

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