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Insulation Guide for Homeowners

Insulation Guide for Homeowners

Looking for answers to your insulation questions? Below you will find loads of useful information about insulation as well as project specific tips. Also be sure to check out our Insulation Resources on other pages.

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Types of Insulation

There are several types of insulation you cna use in your home. For Example there is insulation made out of fiberglass, mineral wool, recycled cotton/plastic and denim. There are long rolls, precut batts or loose fill blow. There are all kinds of applications for insulation like ceilings, exterior walls, interior walls, crawl spaces, basements, and soundproofing to name a few. Insulating your home will make it more efficient and pleasant for your family.You need to consider many factors like thickness, width and faced or unfaced insulation.

Regions and Insulation - Why It Matters

Different regions require different amounts of insulation. for instance homes in South Florida have different environments than homes in Syracuse, New York. So homes are in hot and humid regions and others are in cold regions. Furthermore some homes are in arid dry parts of the countries. Based on where you project is will determine what type and how much insulation you need.

Attic Insulation Projects

Attic insulation is usually the most important part of your property to insulate. The is because most of your heat escapes through the roof. Furthermore in warm areas this is the part of the house that takes most of the het from the sun. Therefor the attic is the place where we install the thickest or most insulation. But there are many questions you must answer first like do you have a drop ceiling with an attic, a cathedral ceiling or a flat roof with only a tight space to insulate.

Crawl Space Insulation Projects

crawlspace insulation

Crawl Spaces pose a certain question on how to insulate this space. There are several factors that determine what type and how much insulation to use. Size of the floor joists, whats underneath the crawlspace and how to make the insulation stay are several things you must consider when insulating this space. By properly air sealing and insulating your home's crawl spaceyou create a comfortable and healthier living environment for you and your family

Wall Insulation Projects

R 13 Faced Insulation

Insulating your walls is one of the most important part of your home to insulate. You want to build a cocoon around your home and your walls are exposed to the most amount of square footage. Further more there are many modifications to walls like windows and doors. Also things like electrical and plumbing are installed in your walls. Insulating walls properly is extremely important to an efficient home. Mistakes in insulating will make your home drafty and cold. You must use the proper size of insulation and the nthe way you install it is very important.

Floor Insulation Projects

floor insulation

Floor insulation is used for many purposes. It can be use dot help keep your home warm and also to help keep sound to a minimum. Having a properly insulated floor will help the overall efficiency of your home. Air can enter through the floor and cause a draft. By fully encasing your home, including the floor will make for the best case scenario in keeping you home efficient. However there are several ways to go about insulting a floor.

Spray Foam Insulation Projects

spray foam insulation

Spray foam projects are mostly left to the professionals. However you can still buy foam kits and do it yourself. Spray foam can be dangerous so you must take the proper safety precautions. Furthermore  you must protect your body more than using regular fiberglass insulation. the thickness and type of foam have a lot to do with how you insulate.